The second iteration (027) was staged at Lick Observatory,
 Mount Hamilton, California, concurrent with the introduction
of the 27th leap-second on December 31, 2016 at precisely
15:59:60 PST (23:59:60 UTC). 

All subsequent 61/60 performances will be subject to the rulings
of the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) — the agency that regulates the use of leap-seconds. 61/60 is, therefore, as much a conscious act of waiting as a physical action, and can be staged only when the Earth tarries sufficiently in its orbit.

61/60 (027)

The ‘leap-second’ is the quantum of time irregularly added to our global clock — keeping our lives in-sync with the stars. These small corrections overcome the inherent contradictions between the specificity and precision of atomic time-keeping and the irregularity of the Earth’s own physical movement — a compensation for our intransigent relationship with the sun.

61/60 is a life-long performance series, designed to document
the occurrence of each leap-second with a one-second action
coincident with its introduction. Each pair of cymbals struck are
‘retired’ post-performance — holding the resonance of each
second ad infinitum.  

The first iteration of this series (026) was staged in Times Square, 
NYC coincident with the introduction of the 26th leap-second
on June 30, 2015, at precisely 19:59:60 EDT (23:59:60 UTC).