Over the past few months I have been collecting 'thoughts that cut' - ideas that have lingered longer than they should and require a home - or a least a resting place so they can be returned to. I began setting these phrases in letraset – a transferrable typeface used within the 60s / 70s / 80s prior to the proliferation of digital design. It felt like the right medium – more substantive than handwriting, yet also outmoded, time consuming and temperamental – this balance somehow felt perfectly imperfect, inscribing these weighty yet fleeting thought to an assortment of paper ephemera.

I have committed to making one thousand – (again, this just felt like the right number) – which makes this a(nother) project that will take time to complete....maybe another year, possibly two... I'm trying not to force it. I may try exhibit them in batches - 1-100 (or 1-250)... I guess I will just wait and see... The intention is to have them displayed on trestle tables and arranged in perfect rectangles upon the wall.