A  two day performative action staged in the window space of NANA contemporary  as part of Critical Animals program for the 2014  This is Not Art festival, Newcastle, Australia. 

‘Instruction Experiment’ invites an audience of both digital and physical spectators to send an instruction / action / thing to do that I must  enact / interpret / subvert within the confides of the gallery window space. These instructions are gathered prior and during the  performance via several online platforms  (website/ twitter/instagram), as well by audience members viewing the performance live.

Equipped with a selection of standard art supplies and office materials (along with introduced materials on a case-by-case basis) I am tasked with performing as many of the submitted
 instructions as possible, the evidence of each actions visually recorded in the space as well as being documented via social media to create a virtual record of each action. 

Throughout the course of the performance the window space acts as an observational viewing platform where I and my methodology can be constantly observed, as well as a site of performative detritus that in its cumulative effect exposes patterns, processes and method within my experimental practice. 

The above images  document the performance in progress (Photographs by Boni Cairncross) and below are a selection of images representing a number of actions undertaken.
A full visual record actions  of  can be found here on Instagram. (#instructionexperiment)

Some instructions performed include: 'Make a chainmail out of paperclips', 'Tea for two',  'Jump rope', 'Make a diagram of mining money in Newcastle', 'Pamplemousse', 'Make a chatterbox with predictions about the future', 'Share a text from your phone', 'Create a symmetrical patter with a hole punch',  'Illustrate a truth most people don't know about you', 'Draw your favourite fruit eyes closed', 'Pause'.