I am interested in the manner in which the constituent elements of the ’Scientific Method’ – namely observation, experimentation, method (as action) and standardization – are recounted within artistic practice and how these concepts can be further leveraged by artistic inquiry. I aim to unravel the mechanics  of scientific thinking by asking "what is  method / observation / standardisation?" and, furthermore, “how do these terms function outside scientific parameters in the fluid and mercurial sphere of artistic application?”. Derived from the core principles of science, my work examines experimental investigation as a way of thinking and a mode of working, utilizing the philosophy
of science as a means of critically interpreting systems, actions and processes. It is in this breakdown of artistic and scientific thinking that I evaluate the volatile space in between, to examine the reciprocity within conceptual systems and to validate a communal passage that seeks to filter art through a scientific idiom.

My work is both research and process-driven, often employing durational, repetitious and participatory components – elements akin to a scientific experiment. These performative actions, that either become or create the work, are devised to test and expose the internal processes of methodological labour – the exhaustive, the obsessive, the poetic and the absurd – aspects that are all inherent to scientific practices. 

I am Ph.D. Candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and an Australian Postgraduate Award recipient. I have been previously awarded the Martin Bequest Traveling scholarship and was a visiting scholar at Parsons School of  Fine Art, The New School, NY in 2014.

All enquiries regarding my research and practice can be directed to SARA [at] SARAMORAWETZ [dot] COM