I am interested in the manner in which the constituent elements of the ’Scientific Method’ – namely observation, experimentation, method (as action) and standardisation – are recounted within artistic practice and how these concepts can be further leveraged by artistic inquiry. I aim to unravel the mechanics of scientific thinking by asking what is method / observation / standardisation? and, furthermore, how do these terms function outside scientific parameters in the fluid and mercurial sphere of artistic application? Derived from the core principles of science, my work examines experimental investigation as a way of thinking and a mode of working, utilising the philosophy of science as a means of critically interpreting systems, actions and processes. It is in this breakdown of artistic and scientific thinking that I evaluate the volatile space in between, to examine the reciprocity within conceptual systems and to validate a communal passage that seeks to filter art through a scientific idiom.

My work is both research and process-driven, often employing durational, repetitious and participatory components – elements akin to a scientific experiment. These performative actions, that either become or create the work, are devised to test and expose the internal processes of methodological labour – the exhaustive, the obsessive, the poetic and the absurd – aspects that are all inherent to scientific practices. 

My recent projects have involved collaborations with scientists from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Centre, NY, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA).

I am PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and an Australian Postgraduate Award recipient. I was the 2016 winner of ‘the churchie’ National Emerging Art Prize and receipt of the 2017 Vida Lahey Memorial Travelling Scholarship (administered by QAGOMA).

All enquiries regarding my research and practice can be directed to SARA [at] SARAMORAWETZ [dot] COM