DEPARTURE  (2015 - ongoing)

The moon is slowly receding as the Earth’s rotation falters —— a consequence of the inescapable symmetry and reciprocity in our underlying dynamics. As a result, the distance between us expands by approximately 3.78cm each year.

On December 14, 1972 at precisely 5:55pm EST, Apollo XVII, NASA’s final Apollo mission, successfully lifted off the lunar surface, marking the end of our last manned expedition to the Moon. Since this departure, forty-four years have passed and we are still yet to return. Every year we wait the journey becomes a little longer.

In honour of this relationship and the moon’s gentle migration, Departure is a life-long drawing / measurement series, documenting the additional distance that would need to be travelled should we choose to return. 

Each year on December 14, a new drawing is added to the collection. As of November 2017, there are forty-four drawings that collectively measure 1m 66.32 cm.