How the Stars Stands is an immersive, durational performance. Throughout this work, ‘performative-time’ was re-calibrated to reflect the local mean solar time on Mars, an act effecting a 2.7% lengthening of the ‘performative-day’. Compared to a standard day on Earth, each ‘day’ in the performance was equivalent to 24h 39m 35s — creating a shifting sense of ‘time’ against the Earth’s solar cycle. 

In order to fully ascertain the consequences of this dynamic, the performance was conducted for a palindromic cycle, allowing my experience of ‘time’ to drift completely out of sync, to invert and to slowly return to synchronicity — an action taking 37 days / 36 Martian ‘sols’ to complete. This work was conducted in consultation with Dr. Michael Allison of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) and employed NASA’s own Mars24 clock to ensure the accurate observance of Martian time throughout.
How the Stars Stand was staged from July 15th – August 21st 2015 at Open Source Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), where I lived / worked / slept for the 36 ‘sol’ period — documenting my daily activities in both time and space, via a continuous live stream, and through the project’s website Documentation of this performance was awarded  ‘the churchie’ National Emerging Art Prize (AU) in 2016 and was a finalist in the Aesthetica Art Prize (UK) in 2017.