Archival pen on paper

A study of random numbers, chance and the representation of found data. Each drawing is a visualisation of sourced lottery numbers from specific dates in history on which a profound (natural/political/ economic /social) event occurred.

April 15, 2010   (Volcanic Ash cloud covers Europe)

December 18 2010  (Governmental protests begin in Tunisia, starting what will later be known as The Arab Spring)

February 13, 2008   (Prime minister Kevin Rudd apologises to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians)

February 2, 2004  (Facebook launched)

January 1, 1999  (The Euro currency is introduced)

March 11, 2011  (Undersea megathrust earthquake off
the coast of Japan)

May 5, 2000  (Conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn and Moon)

September 16, 2001  (“This crusade – this war on terrorism –
is going to take a while, ... “ G.W. Bush)