The objective of each act is observation and documentation – to observe and record the personal // collective, internal // external, real // imagined experience. 

While directed, the observations and the medium of documentation are open to each participant. Interpret at will. 

The three acts may take place over 15, 30 or 45 minutes with each act allocated an equal portion of time. An timer will signify the end of each act.


OBSERVATION // act in three parts 

ACT I - Blackout 

(Participants to be blindfolded
Cover you eyes and observe what you see. 
Document the experience.
(At completion of this act remove the blindfold)

ACT II - Internal

Observe yourself in your space. 
Attempt to document something unknown to you.

ACT III - External

Observe what lies outside of your own experience. 
Document others, their environment and the world beyond your own control. 


At completion participants are asked to post samples of their observations/documentation to either Instagram or Twitter using