QUANTA  (2011 - ongoing)
Acrylic on paper

quanta are the minimum amounts of any physical entities involved in an interaction. Existing on an infinitesimal level, they are the fundamental building-blocks that shape the macroscopic realm.

These drawings are an exploration of these small spaces on both a physical and conceptual level and investigates how incremental changes, through human gesture or perception, can affect the regularity and construction of a whole. By hand rendering or randomising each component, the irregularity of individual marks simultaneously creates and yet displaces the system it represents, producing a structure that calls into question its own integrity.  

The four large works shown are  quanta (488), (1,423), (50,372) and  (83,969) These works were created as part of an ongoing collaboration with computational mathematician Darren Engwirda.

Photos by Eleanor Ackland