Chalk on Chalkboard paper, in four parts

To an artist the experience of the lab is at once complex yet clear — foreign yet familiar – an endless series of discrete tasks, transparent in isolation, but that collectively conceal a degree of consequence that only a lifetime of study could truly reveal. The lab itself is an organism, a system in play – things are moved and manipulated, tested and tested again. An endless succession of repeats that both compel and mystify. In this impenetrable system of rigor and repetition nature reveals its abstruse beauty – an unintended emergent entity. My work repeat, repeat is a response to my observations of the act of research undertaken by Dr Joanna Joyce and her team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. It is an acknowledgement of the singular repeated act required of scientific research so often obscured by the vast complexities of a broader investigation. Completed in chalk to signal the re-education process that is implicit in their research, these works are a tribute to the microenvironment and the impact an individual element / action may have on their composition.