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SUE is a creative festival of performance based interventions. SUE explores how innovative art events within outer suburban locations, spaces not normally associated with contemporary arts practice, can produce fleeting moments of difference, interest and intrigue to daily routines.

SUE explores the curatorial themes of the unexpected, wonder and play to open-up a fluid and playful space for artistic strategies that can surprise, startle and astonish the public through uncommon and extraordinary activities. SUE gathers a group of artists whose practices employ performative, installation & time based outcomes, strategies not normally represented within the City of Onkaparinga public art framework, to create a suite of unexpected interventions across 20 selected sites.

Whist the City of Onkaparinga has recently seen a dramatic increase in the creation of permanent public art works, SUE recognises how the temporality of unexpected performance based interventions can add another creative dimension to public art strategies that explore and celebrate the diversity of culture, community, geography, history and land in the area.

SUE will take place across the 5 wards of the City of Onkaparinga and include the creation of 10 new works by established local and national Australian artists. The diversity of sites will offer the artists and curator alike a fertile space for experimentation and innovation within form, practice and content.

CURATOR: Paul Gazzola

PARTICIPATING SUE ARTISTS: Carlie AngelValerie BerryDavid CrossAlison CurrieNadia CusimanoJames DoddRuby DolmanHeidi KenyonSara MorawetzTobiah Booth-Remmers, Cinzia Schincariol, Henry Jock Walker,  Josephine Were,Meg Wilson and Young and the Wrestlers.