• Verge Gallery Jane Foss Russell Plaza, City Road Darlington, NSW 2006 Australia

Corporeal : the presence and absence presents a selection of tangible works with intangible qualities. Showcasing mediums spanning from installation and documentation to video, photographic, and sound, this exhibition aims to unfold the seen and unseen areas of matter.

These elements are presented in the asymmetrical Verge Gallery, urging the viewer to discover the nooks of the gallery space. In this way, the curators encourage the audience to alter their position in the gallery environment prompting them to explore the space and ideas around the nature of materiality.

Artists: Andriana Carney, Angela Garrick, Elwira Titan, Hayley Hill Rose, Jack Godfrey-Baxter, Kenneth Mitchell, Lauren Lennon, Mariia Zhuchenko, Nina Dodd, Sam Spragg, Sara Morawetz, Stephen Burstow, Thomas Cole and Benedict Anderson.

Curated by : Helen Waller and Chloé Hazelwood with the Verge Gallery Committee.